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Brompton Folding Bikes

Classic Bike is the Finnish distributor of Brompton, please go to the full Brompton Finland website where you will be able to learn more about the bike as well as buy the perfect Brompton for you along with parts and accessories.

Brompton folding bikes Helsinki finland

Handmade in London since 1975, Brompton folding bikes are now ridden the world over: from Helsinki to Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.

This folding bicycle will transform how you make journeys in your city. It gives you the freedom of a bike and the flexibility to use other transport if you need to.

The unique compact fold means it will fit into trains, metros and taxis. It can be put under work desks and stored in cloakrooms.

And if you need to escape the hubbub just pop it in the car or even onto a plane. As well as putting a smile on your face, it will make you feel unstoppable.

Brompton – made for cities.