Ribcap Harris - Ruskea

Valmistaja: Ribcap
Tuotekoodi: HAR-BRO
Saatavuus: Varastossa


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Määrä: Lisää koriin

Emme myy RIBCAP pääsuojia Suomeen, viitaten Tukes päätökseen jossa Tukes kieltää Ribcap tuotteiden myynnin Suomeen koska niitä pidetään pyöräilykypärinä eivätkä Ribcap tuotteet täytä pyöräilykypärille asetettuja vaatimuksia

Ribcap Harris hattu Ruskea

The Harris is the ORIGINAL & ELEGANT RIBCAP, loved by customers for its unique look & feel! They use the finest Merinowool (outside) and we add a layer of fleece for a perfect combination of style & function!
They’ve also added an extra touch of quality wool to your life!
Sewn into the Ribcap are protectors that shield the head from scratches, abrasions and cooling. Many customers also use it daily as it is comfortable and stylish.

Soft protection with style! 
Unique - no other product like it on the market 
Light and comfortable 
100% breathable 
Foldable and storable  
3 different sizes for a perfect fit 
Small & medium also fits children, small (5-8y) & medium (9-12y)
Weight: 120g-200g
Extra features of the Harris:
Rear reflector: Reflective tape provides safety in the dark
Adjustable and removable chin straps 

PPE model category 1, directive 89/686/EEC
Caution: no protective effect like a helmet.
Small: 53–55 cm
Medium: 56–58 cm
Large: 59–61 cm