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Valmistaja: EGIDE
Tuotekoodi: EGI-APO-CAR
Saatavuus: Varastossa


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EGIDE is the result of a project based on the favourite pastime of two childhood friends. A project which consists in offering high-end helmets designed for urban cycling. Helmet brands are widespread, although it has to be said that models suffer from a lack of variety and truly original helmets are hard to come by. In order to fill such a void and bring a breath of fresh air, Etienne-Marie de Boissieu and Benoît Denis set up EGIDE in 2014.


EGIDE’s ambition is to develop cycling helmets into fully-fledged fashion accessories. Beyond their functional purpose, EGIDE helmets aim to accompany you with elegance on your cycling endeavours. Combining vintage aesthetics and hi-tech materials, EGIDE helmets are truly fashionable items. Yet more than just a passing fad, they are effectively timeless. Inspired by helmets from different ages and various warfare and sporting activities, their complex design eventually leads to the utmost simplicity. The “ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo de Vinci would say. It therefore has to be said that EGIDE helmets are amongst the very best in terms of their design as well as their high-quality finish.


This timeless collection relies on the proven know-how of craft workshops specialised in helmets and luxury accessories located around the city of Milan. The production of the shell is amongst one of the most stringent manufacturing processes in the world in terms of safety. The coating and the interior are entirely handmade for each helmet, thus enabling a flawless high-quality finish. EGIDE also happens to be the only helmet brand to offer a wide variety of superior materials, either classic ones such as leather and linen or the more high-tech ones such as carbon and Kevlar.

Käsintehdyt kypärät avant-garde-materiaaleilla erityisesti tyyliä ja muotoilua arvostaville pyöräilijöille

Apollo Carbon kypärä

Naarmuja suojaava lakkaus

Alusta loppuun Italialaista laadukasta käsityötä
CE EN 1078 sertifikaatio

Saatavana kolme kokoa :
S, M ja L (54 - 59 cm). 

Paino : 390g

Valmistajan sivut

EGIDE kypärän huolto

Under the aegis of the Gods

In Greek mythology, the aegis (l’égide in French) is a magical shield carried by the Gods, in particular by Zeus and Athena.

As well as being an exceptional means of protection designed to ensure the carrier’s safety, the aegis is also a work of art in its own right. Homer describes it as being “precious, inalterable and immortal”.(αἰγίδ᾽ ἐρίτιμον ἀγήρων ἀθανάτην τε).

To a certain extent, the aegis draws its power from the material covering it, the skin of a sacred goat named Amalthea.

Taking inspiration from Athena, the goddess of war, wisdom, arts and crafts, EGIDE identifies itself with these functional and aesthetic origins, based on the value of the material used.