Corbic Selkäreppu korkkia

Valmistaja: Corbic
Tuotekoodi: COR-BAC
Saatavuus: Tilapäisesti loppu
Määrä: Lisää koriin

We are a new company with a vintage soul, trying to bring bicycling to a new level of style and sustainability. With your help we will get there. Our products are handmade in Portugal and we do our best so that every part comes from an european origin.

Great designs are the ones inspired by nature, where unique features are embodied in the development of new produts. When a natural material is used in a product it becomes genuine, with personality, and it appeals to your senses in a deeper way. Those are the ones that pass the test of time. That's what Inspired Crafting ​is all about. Binding the old and the new is a trend, but for many it's cultural. People on bicycles embrace that trend perfectly, they merge with their bikes and become beatiful sculptures. It is a very good example of balance between tradition and modernity. Bicycle accessories are a part of that.

Our sense of identity often derives from our heritage and traditions. There are industries that make part of that heritage and are worth preserving, not only because of their history but because of what they still have to offer. The cork industry fits perfectly in that category, it is a big part of the portuguese heritage. These industries are part of Portugal's soul and make us proud of the achievements of the past and hopeful about the future. The products of these industries have an aura which CORBIC relates to, because they represent the pursuit for quality among other reasons. 

Vintage items, like classic bikes, have a certain appeal because of their retro style, the history they carry and the connection to the time they were made. A time when things were made diferently, when people took pride in what they built. Handmade has everything to do with that. CORBIC wants to become part of a bridge joining two worlds, where through inovation you have the best of the old days combined with the needs of modern life.

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Selkäreppu, luonnon korkkia, Hand made in Portugal
Vahvana luonon materiaalina laukku on kevyt ja joustava, taitettava, materiaalit eivät läpäise nesteitä, kaasuja jne. ja kestävät loistavasti kulutusta.
Valittavana luonnon vaalea tai tumma

Korkissa on oma luonnon muokkaama epäsäännöllinen kuvio, joka antaa sille persoonallisuutta ja tekee tuotteesta aina ainutlaatuisen koska toista samanlaista ei ole.

Jos korkkinen tuote likaantuu käytössä, on kaksi tapaa palauttaa se alkuperäisen asuunsa; 
- pese tuote varovasti käsin pesusienellä, saippualla ja vedellä
- pese käyttäen vauvanpyyhkeitä