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Valmistaja: Moulton
Tuotekoodi: AM-GT-FRO
Saatavuus: Tilaustuote
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Moulton pyörä on täysin uniikki malli.
Moulton todellsena huippukäsityönä tehty runko ja design on tehty kestämään, useilla pyörillä onkin ajettu yli 100 000 km.
Moulton valmistaa koko pyöränsä itse, mukaan lukien monet sen osat kuten uniikit etu- ja takajousituksen varmistaakseen täydellisen ja nopean ajokokemuksen.

Katso hienot kuvat ja video täältä

Moulton-pyörässä on hyvin ainutlaatuinen design monine ominaisuuksineen, joilla se eroaa muista polkupyöristä.
1950-luvulla Alex Moulton määritteli pyörän perusominaisuudet: pienet renkaat, jousituksen, jäykän unisex-rungon, mukautuvuuden eri tilanteisiin ja yleisesti ottaen sen designin ja valmistamisen kekseliäisyyden. Moulton pyörä lanseerattiin vuonna 1962, ja siitä tuli heti haluttu erikoispyörä.
Nykyäänkin nämä perusasiat ovat samoja, mutta sinänsä lopputuloksena syntyvää pyörää on parannettu vuosi vuodelta.
Se on alkuperäistä kevyempi, jäykempi, nopeampi ja mukavampi ja sitä on entistä helpompi kuljettaa autossa, junassa tai vaikkapa ottaa lentokoneeseen matkaan mukaan kunnon pyörämatkalle. 

TSR-mallisto on matka- ja työmatkapyöräilyyn suunnattu sarja, jolla taitat pidemmätkin matkan helposti.
Lisävarusteina mm. Reynolds teräksinen takatavarateline, etutelineet jne.

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The Moulton bicycle is a unique design with many features that set it apart from other bicycles. Back in the 1950s, Alex Moulton defined the key features of the Moulton bicycle - small wheels, suspension, stiff unisex frame, adaptability to suit intended use, and innovation in design, engineering and manufacture. Today, these principles still hold true, but the resulting bicycle is improved in every way - lighter, stiffer, faster and more comfortable, as well as easier to transport by road, rail or air.


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Small Wheels

Small wheels with high pressure tyres have been integral to the Moulton design from the beginning. The combination of the lower rolling resistance of high pressure tyres and the lower aerodynamic drag of small wheels, allows the bicycle to go faster with less effort.

In contrast to large bicycle wheels, the smaller Moulton wheels are immensely strong. Their lower moment of inertia allows faster acceleration and more responsive steering. Smaller wheels also reduce the overall length of the bicycle, making it compact and easier to transport.


TSR30 next to standard road bicycle





Unique Suspension

In order to accommodate the hard ride of the ultra-rigid frame, strong wheels and high pressure tyres, full suspension has been a mandatory feature of all Moulton bicycles. This coupling of advanced suspension and small wheels provides superior comfort and road holding.

Moulton bicycle suspension has been continually developed for over 40 years, constantly refined to maximise rider comfort and efficiency. The Hydrolastic® suspension on the New Series Moultons features a rubber spring with adjustable fluid damping. The Flexitor® front suspension system utilizes rubber in torsion, eliminating lubrication, wear, and 'stiction.' This provides unparalleled shock isolation and a uniquely silky ride.


Flexitor® front suspension

Rear Hydrolastic® suspension





Stiff Space Frame

As with other vehicles, bicycle frame stiffness is a key element of performance. Lateral rigidity is vital, as any of the rider's energy spent flexing a frame is lost. A stiff frame also ensures accurate wheel tracking for secure road holding and cornering stability.

The unique Moulton space frame, a highly engineered lattice of small diameter tubes, is far stiffer than a conventional diamond frame. This frame architecture fits riders of all sizes and the low step-through allows the bike to be mounted with ease by both sexes. The low weight and high stiffness of the Moulton frame produces a ride that is lively and amazingly efficient.


Advanced space frame design





Separable and Adaptable

All Moulton bicycles are inherently more compact and most feature separable frames for storage or transport. This separability introduces no compromises other than a little extra weight; there is no loss of stiffness or ride quality. When disassembled, the two halves of a Moulton fit easily in the boot of a car or travel case. The New Series Moultons separate further into five parts for even more compact stowage and airline transport.

The design of the Moulton and its accessories is such that the same bicycle can be used for laden touring, performance cycling or urban use - dressed for travel or stripped for action as required.



Moulton TSR separated for storage or transport

New Series moulton segmented





High-Quality Construction

The Moulton's frame and forks are hand-brazed in the UK by our small team of highly skilled craftsmen. Its unique construction demands special jigs and fixtures designed and made in-house, as are the Moulton suspension systems and other Moulton parts.

Moulton frames are designed to last, with many bicycles having been ridden for over 50 000 miles. The high level of workmanship, together with fatigue reducing suspension, ensure that the bicycles maintain their performance and value for many years.


Hand brazed and polished stainless steel frame

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Moulton AM GT Mark III etu-tavarateline

Tältä sivultä näet Moulton videon  ja AMGT lisäkuvia 

Moulton kotisivut


 The legendary AM spaceframe, recently updated utilising the latest in Ultra-High Tensile tubing to form an all-stainless-steel frame and fork. Lovingly crafted, the AM GT is a Grand Tourer in the classical sense and many owners have travelled the world on these beautiful bicycles. 

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Separable17" WheelsHydrolastic Rear SuspensionLeading Link Front ForkStainless FrameAM Classic Range



The table below gives an overview of the typical specification of the AM GT. This model can be built to your custom specification by your dealer or direct from the Moulton factory. Please enquire with your nearest dealer or with the Moulton factory to ascertain whether they can meet your individual requirements 



AM separable Spaceframe, 'shot-in' tube construction in stainless steel. Silver brazed by hand.
Frame SizeOne size only (16.5") with oversize seat pillar.
ForkStainless steel fork with cast (stainless) crown. Stainless steel dropouts. Silver soldered by hand.
FinishAll stainless-steell, polished.
Front SuspensionMoulton Leading Link front fork with floating stirrup. Adjustable damping and ride height.
Rear SuspensionMoulton Hydrolastic® rubber cone spring with integral fluid damping. Bronze pivot bushes & stainless steel journal.
Wheels17" (ETRTO 369mm). Velocity rims, Sapim Force spokes.
BrakesDual pivot sidepull.
TransmissionCampagnolo Chorus 2x11 with Moulton 10-28t cassette;  7600 €  or Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub gear 6950 €.
HandlebarsDrop (Campagnolo Chorus) or Flat (Shimano Alfine 11).
Handlebar StemMoulton Wishbone™, adjustable angle, choice of 3 lengths (100, 150, 170mm)[see Wishbone™ stem update]
SaddleBrooks Swift (leather with titanium rails).
SeatpostMoulton 953 stainless steel, micro-adjust Ø34.9
SeparabilitySeparates into two halves via removal of kingpin.
Supplied withMudguards.
AccessoriesFront and rear carriers. Day carriers. Range of custom bags. Transport bags. [see Accessories]