What is the Brompton this maximum capacity and how heavy a person can not run the Brompton?
The wheel is designed for a maximum load of 110 kg.

How long the driver can drive the Brompton bike?
A suitable seat height is measured by the length of the inner part of the thigh. The standard seat tube is intended for people with foot inside the measuring 81-84 cm. The seat is extended from 60 mm longer than the standard. The telescopic tube is designed to seat riders foot inside length of which is greater than 89 cm.

Preparations Brompton hard carry case to transport airplane?
So far, not yet finished, but in January 2012, Brompton presents this purpose valmitetun hard carrying case Brompton Pod (BPod), whose mass is scheduled for 5 kg of weight to the total package with the bike would not rise too high. Other transport is perfect already available in the B Bag which can be found on our website under Accessories.

Where Brompton bike to get it?
In the capital, has already been a few dealers, as well Järvenpää and Lahti, more detailed list on the front page. 
In addition, we are looking for new dealers in other Finnish cities. 
Classic Bike Office can be found at Kielotie 8, Vantaa (Tikkurila)

Is small tire performance ratio lower than that of large tires and whether they are a lot more dangerous than the big tires?
Bromptons was originally planned to small 16 “wheels purely for the reason that the package taiteltaeassa can be compact enough. Small tires also some advantages, such as the wheel acceleration is better and the wind resistance of the tire is smaller than the larger tires, this especially in the high-pressure tires, such as the Brompton models. Pyörintävastus these tires is very similar to the large diameter wheels. 
Small rings are lighter and stronger than the large rings. In addition, the bike is agile in tight corners. Small wheels, however, are more sensitive to the terrain etätasaisuuksille, montuille and these bigger stones. Because of this, Brompton and are not recommended for continuous off-road driving.

Why Brompton uses a steel frame?
The steel frame has come back to the popularity of many of the quality of the wheels manufacturers. Many new materials Despite the advantages, steel is mostly bicycles still the best possible combination of driveability, power, versatility and durability. 
The carbon fiber and other composite materials is important when making top racing bikes. However, the constant daily use in the steel frame to provide better usability. Light weight is also an important issue, we built bicycles, but ketävyyttä we do not want to sacrifice just to get the lightest bikes. 
Aluminum we currently do not use because it is much softer than steel. We would have to use the wheel for the manufacture thicker material, and it would make the bike a much larger, especially folded package. Bromptons Why is not more gears? In the last twenty years there has been a trend which has been substantially increased the number of gears. This explains a lot of mountain bikes, the increased popularity. Large amounts of gear wheels is more a marketing gimmick than a real property necessary. It can be asked what they needed all the gears correctly?

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