HNF Heisenberg CD1 Cargo electric assistance cargo bike

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​Professional for every requirement.

The agile and powerful CD1 offers a revolutionary design and riding experience. It combines the loading capabilities of a small car with the agility and flexibility of a bicycle. The manufacturing quality is at the highest level and  only high-quality components are used. The powerful Bosch motor is fully integrated into the elaborate aluminium frame structure. 

Of course we offer the CD1, like all e-Bikes from HNF-Heisenberg Design Line, also as an S-pedelec version that assists your pedaling up to 45km/h. In this speed class, the bike offers a revolutionary riding feeling that redefines the category of cargo bikes. The CD1 sets the standard once again.

Curative. Full control for the road.

Thanks to the patented tilting technology, the CD1 offers a riding stability that is unrivalled in its class. The chassis is more like those of a sports car or a motorcycle than a bike. Whether in urban areas or on the road, the CD1 tilting technology provides maximum stability and a completely new riding experience. 

The tilting system has 3 stages, all of which are easily adjustable via a switch on the handlebars. Step 1 fixes the landing gear so that no inclination is possible which is perfect for waiting at traffic lights, during loading and unloading or simply during slow moving. Level 2 allows for a slight inclination for manoeuvres in tight spaces or the transport of heavy or bulky loads. Stage 3 unlocks the complete tilt angle and unfolds an incredibly agile riding behaviour. Fast cornering is possible up to 45 km/h and this is even when the bike is loaded.

Fully load-bearing. And as flexible as you are.

The permissible total weight of the CD1 is 240kg yet the bike weighs only 40kg. With the exception of a rider, loads of up to 160 kg can be transported. Thanks to the tilting technology, high stability is still present, even when fully loaded. The CD1 remains easily controllable in all situations. 

The CD1 is available with 3 different wheelbases and cargo area lengths. Whether short, medium or long, you have the choice to configure your HNF-Heisenberg to suit your requirements, the CD1 is as versatile as life! You can have approximately 500 litres of luggage space.
There is a rail system on the left and right of the loading area as standard so you can easily attach various transport structures to the CD1. The e-Bike can be adapted to individual requirements from a simple box for cargo transport to a closed child seat. The wooden panel is the basic construction.

No compromise. Quality and riding comfort from the market leader.

With a concentrated load of energy, the performance line of the internationally leading eBike mid-engine manufacturer Bosch is designed for sporty, powerful riding. The dynamic drive offers powerful support in any terrain – from flat to steep, asphalt or trail. The UN1 un-compromising, which is reflected in the design, because every single component stands for excellent engineering and legendary quality. The HNF Heisenberg team has accumulated experience with various drive systems over many years – the Bosch drive is the benchmark.

Range without end. With the latest lithium technology.

The innovative powerpacks of the PerformanceLine are lithium-ion batteries with 400Wh or 500Wh energy consumption. They are easy to install and remove and can be charged on the bike. The power packs used by HNF Heisenberg have the highest energy density. Your Battery Management System (BMS) provides the best possible protection against overcharging, undervoltage, overheating and short circuits, as well as increasing the long battery life. Up to 130 kilometers can be reached on level terrain, without any wind, in ideal conditions*.

* Manufacturer’s information Bosch. Cruise with Power Pack 400, Eco mode at favorable conditions. 

Bosch Purion.

The new Bosch Purion compact display combines remote control and display elements in one housing. The position on the left handlebar grip is less sensitive to damage in the event of falls and leaves space on the handlebars for attaching a smartphone. The most important riding data such as total mileage, range and distance are called up with the two plus and minus keys. The standard display informs you about the current speed, battery level and support level.

Tektro Auriga Twin hydraulic disc brake system.

Both brake calipers can be operated with just one lever. Mineral oil is used as the brake fluid. The brake pads are made of high performance metal with a ceramic mixture and guarantee good heat resistance and high braking performance. The 2.5-finger lever offers, in addition to the grip range setting, also a locking mechanism to secure the CD1 safely.

The future is without a switch. Uncomplicated, stepless and efficient.

The maintenance-free, infinitely variable high-end hub ensures unrivalled quiet and comfortable riding. Even under high pedalling force, it adapts itself to each terrain and every driving style individually. With a range of 380% it is for every rider and every situation. 

The system monitors the pedal speed and the speed of the wheel and adjusts continually, so that the desired cadence throughout the ride remains constant. By simply pressing a button it can be changed any time in the manual mode. 

A slender shifter in illuminated display makes the continuously variable shifting more intuitive and easier than ever. The switching unit in the rear frame not only looks good, it is also optimally protected. As with all HNF eBikes with NuVinci gears, in contrast to other hubs the full motor torque is available. This means that the maximum power of the BOSCH motor is available for eBikes with NuVinci gears!

The future is without a chain. Maintenance-free, silent and clean.

Silent and Longer-lasting – Designed to meet the performance requirements of an eBike, Gates engineers have developed a new, long-lasting and maintenance-free system. It is 20% lighter and lasts 4 times longer than a well-maintained steel chain. 

In order to meet the specific needs of human pedalling, an optimum belt drive performance width of 11-mm-pitch has been designed. A polyurethane coating guarantees absolute rust-sensitivity. Thus, the patented system ensures interference-free, intermittent interlocking of the teeth in proven Gates durability.

Supernova E3

The fastest bicycles also need the brightest headlights. Here the Supernova lighting system plays to its full strength. Even in the darkest nights, it illuminates the road wide and far forward and provides a pleasant riding feeling. The completely CNC-milled aluminum housing is water-resistant anodized, 100% waterproof, protected against theft and therefore equipped for the toughest e-Bike everyday life.

Wingee fenders. A protective sheet that sets the right focus.

An extremely stable aluminum profile makes the Wingee a functional and durable bicycle fender. Its minimalist design also fulfils the function of a luggage carrier. In doing so, the otherwise customary luggage carrier platform above the rear wheel is deliberately dispensed with. The luggage rack braces placed on the side of the profile and placed underneath, elegantly carry pannier bags. Even larger pieces of luggage can be transported comfortably in this way. The lower-hanging panniers also provide a better center of gravity, which has a positive effect on driving safety.



HNF Nicolai

HNF Nicolai - uusi tulevaisuuden ratkaisuihin pohjautuva Saksalainen pyöränvalmistaja on vastaus vaativalle ja teknologiaan painottavalle pyöräilijälle. HNF Nicolain korkean suorituskyvyn sähköpyörät ovat täynnä innovatiivisia, uusia ratkaisuja ja alan uusinta teknologiaa, valmistaja edustaakin Saksalaista laatua parhaimmillaan. Kuuluisat sähköpyörien pioneerit Michael Hecken ja Kalle Nicolai perustivat jo vuonna 2008 Grace GmbH yhtiön ja kehittivät legendaarisen Smart e-biken Daimler-Benz AG:lle. Yhdessä Benjamin Börries  kanssa he ovat HNF HESINENBERG yhtiön perustajia, ja he kehittävät ja valmistavat todella korkealaatuisia sähköavusteisia polkupyöriä Biesenthal:ssa lähellä Berliiniä. Carl-Heinz Nicolain maastopyörät ovat maailman arvostetuimmat ja tunnettuja laadustaan, pyörät valmistetaankin rungoista alkaen käsin Nicolain omalla tehtaalla Saksassa jo vuodesta 1998. Kalle Nicolai on arvostettu todella korkeatasoisten maastopyörien valmistuksen pioneeri. 2018 HNF HEISENBERG nimi muutettiin paremmin keromaan Saksalaisesta käsityö-osaamisesta osaamista, yhtiön nimi on nyt HNF-Nicolai. Kaikki HNF Nicolai pyörät erottuvat edukseen massatuotannosta - Euroopassa käsin tehtyjen runkojen laadun lisäksi - tyylikkyytensä ja käytettävyytensä ansiosta. Runkojen suunnittelu on aivan omassa luokassaan, tässä Kalle Nicolain vuosikymmenten osaaminen on parhaimmillaan. Kaikki 25 km/h pyörien rungot on standardoitu 45 km/h nopeusluokkaan, tämä kertoo todella kovasta osaamisesta ja tinkimättömästä laadusta. HNF-Nicolai mallien huolella valikoidut komponentit kuten uusin Bosch teknologia, täysin portaaton Enviolo-vaihteisto tai uusin Shimano Alfine, Gates Carbon Drive -hihnaveto, uusimmat Bosch moottorit sekä Rock Shox -joustohaarukka tuovat pyörän ajamiseen aivan omanlaisensa mukavuuden ja helppouden tason. Kaikki edellä mainitut edustavat parasta mitä pyörääsi voit saada, tehden siitä luotettavan ja turvallisen kumppanin pitkäksi aikaa, minimaalisella huoltotarpeella. HNF-Nicolai malliston edistykselliset sähköpyörät saat 25 sekä 45 km/ h malleissa, heillä on myös maailman ensimmäinen täysjousitettu sähköavusteinen maastopyörä Gates hihnavedolla sekä täysin uniikki kolmirenkainen, 30% tilttaava kuormapyörä.  HNF-Nicolain todistetut laatustandardit ja autoteollisuudessa kehittyneet, osin aivan uniikit ja patentoidut ratkaisut tekevät heidän sähköavusteisten pyörien käsiteltävyydestä ja hallittavuudesta esimerkillisiä myös muille valmistajille.
HNF Nicolai