Italjet Ascot Classic ebike

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The Italjet Ascot is genuine Italian metal craftsmanship at its most beautiful!

It has the classic 50´s Board Track Racer or Cafe Racer motorcycle aesthetics now brought in to the world of electrically assisted bicycles.
The bike is exceptionally well balanced, the ride feel is very comfortable and the bike is easy to control.
The Ascot Classic comes with quality handmade leather accessories made by a.G Spalding & Bros NY. The springer-style double suspension fork is breathtakingly beautiful and guaranteed to turn heads as are all of the other components. The stepless NuVinci gears, steel components and the new front hub mounted motor all add their own touch to the Ascot.

The Italjet family´s history and experience with motorcycles guarantee unrivalled expertise, which they have used to create the completely unique and unmatched electrically assisted bicycles.
Italjet est. 1959. Made in Italy, with pride.


With their long experience in making motorcycles, Italjet has chosen a 250-watt brushless motor that makes the bike very balanced and easily controllable. The motor gives constant and effective assistance whilst pedaling without creating friction when cycling without the assistance.

The battery is a 36V – 13,2Ah Lithium-Ion phosphate battery in its own removable metal housing that protects the battery from impacts and scratches, at the same time extending the battery life by keeping it warm. As a finishing touch the battery housing is embedded in a handmade leather case made by a.G Spalding & Bros NY.


Mounted on the ergonomically shaped handlebars you will find a display with a stylish handmade leather housing. The display shows the selected assistance level, battery life, current electricity consumption, range, distance covered and, of course, the speed. The hand-stitched leather grips fit seamlessly into the overall appearance of the bike. The idea of the NuVinci gear shifter’s “graphic display” is very simple, but extremely impressive. Also there is a quartz clock on top of the stem cap, so you can keep track of the time. Now, how cool is that? 


The spectacular NuVinci 360, the new generation of bicycle gears. With NuVinci you get various features not previously seen in bicycle gearing. Finding the right gear has never been this easy! The stepless gears require considerably less maintenance as compared to more conventional and cheaper gear systems. You can also change gears while stationary – a characteristic that you are sure to appreciate in the city where you are always stopping and starting. 


There are many kinds of bicycle components, but it is hard to find ones that are this stylish! Only dependable disk brakes guarantee sufficient stopping power for e-bikes in all weather conditions. The classic and elegant head light has an unbelievably wide and bright light beam. There is also a rear light; high quality suspension seat post for city riding; Brooks saddle; steel fenders; a steel chainguard and a kickstand. There is a vast selection of add-ons available, all handmade with the same style as the bike itself.