Pashley Guv’nor – Buckingham Black

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The Guv’nor is a revival of one of Pashley’s oldest models, the 1930s Path Racer. It has been updated to cope with the demands of modern riding conditions. The World-renowned Reynolds 531 steel tubing is used by Pashley’s craftsmen to produce a frame with a classic loose geometry, which gives a dynamic yet naturally comfortable riding position aided by the inclusion of North Road handlebars.
The Guv’Nor is not only unique in the quality of its ride but also in its aesthetic which exudes an elegance that hearkens back to the simple beauty of the original design. The gold pinstriped black alloy Westwood rims and Brooks B17 leather saddle exude quality and style, every single part of the Guv’nor has been chosen to evoke the glory of path racing history.

The Sturmey Archer hub brakes are enclosed making them reliable and maintenance free in all weather conditions, and puncture resistant Schwalbe tyres make the Guv’nor an extremely reliable bicycle all year round.
The Guv’nor is a real head  turner that has the performance to match, guaranteed to give you years of riding and racing pleasure.

Accessories: LED front light, Pashley metal with black fenders hand painted with gold edges (100 €), wooden fenders (200 €), BLB chrome front basket (85 €)

20.5 “frame is suitable for inside leg length = 76-80 cm -> 165 to 185 cm 
22.5 “frame is suitable for inside leg length = 84-96 cm -> 180 to 200 cm 
24.5 “frame is suitable for inside leg length = 89-99 cm -> 195-210 cm

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Pashley Cycles on vanhin toimiva polkupyörävalmistaja Englannissa. Yhtiö on perustettu jo vuonna 1926 ja pieni tehdas sijaitsee Stratford-upon-Avonissa. Kaikki polkupyörät valmistetaan täällä edelleen käsin alkuperäisten mallien mukaan, kohta 100 vuoden kokemuksella. Pashley ainutlaatuista historiaa voit katsoa tästä linkistä Katso Pashley omistajien kuvia Instagramissa