trioBike Cargo E

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The Electric model gives you an extra push on the road. Whether your bike is fully loaded or not, hills and long rides are no longer a challenge That makes you sweat.
Lightweight and incredibly strong alloy frame, BionX P250 DX 26 “- Electric motor, external gears and disc brakes. Including adjustable seat post, adjustable stem extender and a kickstand.
Available from January 2015 onwards.
Black vinyl, Helpo cleaned and whatever the säällä.Pohjapanelissa an anti-slip coating.
Price: 199,00 €
Only pohjapanelin price of € 129.00
Strong and water protective acrylic material. 100% UV protection.
9 different color options
Price: 765,00 €
Done soft and comfortable fabric. 5-point safety belts. PVC and metal-free. Made from a Danish factory, which produces the famous Arne Jacobsen Swan and Egg chairs. Ice cream, chocolate, sun fats, ketchup, etc. do not adhere to this ladukkaseen material. 
9 different color options
Price: 349.00 €
Heavy-duty transport, sale, display and use.
Price: 577.00 €