Van Nicholas Boreas Endurance Road Bike

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Boreas is perhaps the most versatile bike on Van Nicholas’ road bike range. It is designed especially for the needs of the active road cycling enthusiast. Endurance-inspired, long-haul optimized geometry combined with a carbon fiber fork specifically designed for Boreas and a rigid titanium frame creates a unique blend – a bike that is both fast yet comfortable on long distances and rough surfaces. You can select your favourite groupset from a vast selection. As such, we dare to bet that this will be the bike from your staple, that gets the highest mileage!others.

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Titanium – Royalty of Frame Materials 

Van Nicholas titanium bikes are breathtakingly beautiful, sophisticated in handling and in addition to that incredibly tough and robust. To achieve these features, there is practically only one material; titanium. The material is therefore the starting point for all design work at Van Nicholas. Imagine a material that is capable of not only competing with others but completely redefining new standards and requirements: Van Nicholas titanium frames are generally lighter than frames made of steel or aluminum and are competing toe to toe with carbon fiber. In strength and longevity, titanium is in its own class. Sounds too good to be true? With titanium it isn´t! 

Bikes to Best Suit Your Needs

At Van Nicholas, the design process for each bicycle holds one simple goal; to design a bike that is the best for its intended use. In addition to frame geometry and other structural solutions, the component choices play a big role. With My Van Nicholas Bike Builder you can choose between carefully selected componentry and group sets to have the exact bike you want. End result is a titanium bike that works just the way you intended! 

Boreas is Available with the Following Group Sets

SRAM Force 1×11/2x11sp – 3.199

SRAM Red 22 2x11sp – 4.599

Shimano 105 2x11sp – 2.899

Shimano Ultegra 2x11sp – 3.199

Shimano Dura-Ace 2x11sp – 4.499




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