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Folding Presentation


The key to Brompton folding bikes have their compactness and practicality. Brompton is a very fast foldable easily be carried package. On the other hand it ready for operation takes place just as fast and hard. A little practice, this will take you time to 10-20 seconds.

Folded dimensions are: height 585mm x 545mm length and 270mm width.

Folded Brompton stays locked in a package form a very compact package, which is only slightly higher than its tires. Packed have to lift and carry no risk of the package to open up running on the train or in dealing with the luggage storage.

The wheel does not piuhoja and loose parts. Brompton may be subject to the handlebars or saddle. It carries like a small briefcase. It is light and easy to handle. Depending on the weight of the bike is the level of equipment, and depending on the model 9 – 12.5 pounds. 
The bike is designed so that the folded prone to damage parts such as lights, gear, brake cables and chain folding in, remaining intact to use time after time. In addition, the package is designed in such a way that it does not soil your clothes or other goods storing or carrying the wheel.

Folding Videos

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