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1. Before driving, check that the seat tube lock lever is tightened and that the taittosaranojen locking pieces are firmly in place, and the levers are turned tight (see section D of the saddle height).

2. The Brompton is designed for 110 kg maximum load, and for use in well-made paths and passages by. It is not designed for off road bike and oversized loads: the body may be overloaded, and the tires and wheels suitable for such use. When driving in the sand on the road or on a slant groove or ridge over the small wheels of infection is reduced. Be careful, especially surface is wet. Wet metal surface is very slippery at all wheels.

3. Fold the wheel size and the running order, do not place your hands in places where they could become trapped.

4. Wheel duty: even though it is less critical whether the bike properly folded as the driving condition, and remember that if the size of the folding lock is not properly done, the wheel sudden opening, such as stairs or lifting the luggage off the shelf, it may cause damage.

5. Do not use an S Type bike nothing more than the bag S-bag. Other bags are higher and hinder the steering. For the same reason, do not fulfill the P-type wheel bags too full.

6. When you are driving a P-type bike, remember that when your hands are at the lower handles, you can not use the brakes. Be careful when changing hand positions.

7. Do not try to change the handlebar height of the frame tube at the point where the shaft goes to the front fork.

8. WARNING. Many parts of the bike are at high load, and when the bike has been much higher loads, or hard, some parts may come to an end. In particular, this applies to the aluminum parts, which have a limited duration. The fault may cause injury to the rider, so see the section K point of aluminum wheel replacement of parts. You should also observe other stress-bearing components and to ensure that they do not have signs of damage, corrosion or cracking, and replace parts as necessary.

9. England left brake lever for the rear wheel and the right front wheel. USA is the opposite. In other countries, check for any local Legislature. We deliver bikes to Finland so that the left brake lever on the front wheels.

10. Other recommendations for safe driving:

– check brakes, tires, steering and tires on a regular basis
– hold the brakes and gears properly adjusted and cables in good condition
– remember that the braking system may decrease due to the rain.
– check that all the bolts are secure
– read the national traffic regulations and comply with them
– use front and rear lights when driving in the dark
– use a bicycle helmet 

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