Brompton M3L Papurys white

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Brompton M3L White folding bike

Brompton folding bike new colour – Papurys White
Brompton is truly white now. White is peerfect match anywhere, mix it with other colors on brompton bike builder!


M6L model features:  
Handlebar: M is a model in our range – its upright riding position (height 1015) is equally suitable for the city than in rural driving and enabling larger Brompton front luggage use.
M6L- model includes fenders. 
Sturmey Archer gearbox is a 6-speed hub gear as well as the Brompton external 2-speed rear derailleur.
6 speed is good option to longer rides and to hilly landscape

Available accessories: 
Luggage rack 110,00 €
Colored Brompton saddles 45,00 € 
Black or White Brompton mudguards € 25.00 
Brompton Colored handles 19.00 € 
Brompton Battery light in front of 45,00 €

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