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Brompton Folding Bike Transport bag Travel Bag


Brompton Travel Bag is a lightweight and practical Brompton bike suitcase that lets you take your bike to your travels

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Brompton Bike Transport Bag Travel Bag

The Brompton Bike Bag is a really handy suitcase for your bike.
Whether you Are travelling by train, car, boat or even by plane, this padded suitcase for the bike gives a great opportunity to take your Brompton bike with you. Reinforced and padded side panels provide a perfect protection for your bike.
The reinforced bag has asingle roller reel on the bottom, these and versatile carrying possibilities, as well as folding the bag into a really small space make this bike bag easy to use and reliable. This redesigned Brompton suitcase can be packed into a really thin packaging when not in use.

You can attach The Brompton wheel to the bottom of the bag using the drawstring to prevent it from moving and a separate saddle connector on the top. The Zippered inner compartment provides extra space for storing accessories. The bag has several zippers to help you with your bike packing and bag taking.

The bottom of the bag has a separate carrying handle to make it easier to handle a small packaged bag, the shoulder strap makes it easy to take your bag with you.
Bag weight is 3.8 kg, and dimensions 740 x 630 x 310 mm, folded to 160 x 630 x 310 mm.




Brompton Folding Bikes

The Brompton folding bike was invented in London 1975, and since then these excellent and still London hand-made bikes have been driven in every corner of the world-Helsinki, Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, where! Brompton is a very popular commubike, it is a fast urban driving, reliable and safe to use, it is a bike that lasts for use. This unique folding bike can also transform the habit of moving around the cities, it gives the freedom to use the bike to connect with public transport. You can take it to the nearby trains, the Metro, the bus, the tram, whatever and when you want. And when you don't drive it, you can keep it at home, in the office, in the restaurant, in the library, wherever you are. Brompton-made for the city. Brompton Website in this link

Brompton Buyer's Guide 

Your Brompton Bicycle selection defines three simple elements; Handlebars, number of gears and fenders and/or rack. Thus, for example, "Brompton M6L" is simply a wheel with a "M" type handlebar, 6 gears and "L", meaning mudguards. Simplify when you know it! Below are all the basic options for the Brompton bike, broken down and explained. If one missed your mind, contact us by email or phone, we're happy to help! Handlebars • H-type: Highest handlebar model. Perfect for those who like the upright and unhurtless driving position. Also an option for long-term drivers. • M-type: Classic Brompton handlebar design. This was originally the only pole option and could be described as an allround rod. A sufficiently upright riding position ensures good visibility but is not as capable as the H-type rod. • S-type: The lowest and most sporty Brompton handlebars provide a fast and aggressive driving position. • P-Type: This handlebar is specially designed for bike riders ' needs in mind. Two different types of grip allow a very vertical or alternatively lower, aerodynamic position. Gears • 1-speed: As its name suggests, this model has only one gear. Bicycle drivetrain at its simplest and also at its lighteer. We usually recommend this option only to those who already have previous experience with one-gear bicycles. • 2-speed: Slightly relief compared to one-turn, without a large increase in wheel weight. The 2-speed gear has a rear derailleur that allows you to switch between the two behind the wheel. Very fun and sporty gearbox, but it is advisable to still try 2-speed before making a decision. This gearbox, like 1-speed, is not exactly for everyone. The 3-and 6-speed gear volumes and intervals make it much easier to drive. • 3-Speed: The 3-speed Brompton BSR (Brompton Standard Range) gearbox is an upgraded and streamlined version of Sturmey Archer's traditional 3-speed gearbox. Fully condensed gear hub for optimum reliability and ease of use. A popular option for city riding and general purpose. • 6-Speed: Combines the 3-speed BWR (Brompton Wide Range) gearbox and 2-speed rear gearboxes into one gear system. The six steadily growing gears are a great choice for bike trekking and hilly terrain. Especially with the 3-speed lighter, the lightest gear comes in a really hilly terrain for the need, and that's why you should consider the 6-speed gears.

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