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Safety, quality and durability are what Christiania Bikes are all about, thanks to over 30 years of development.

The high quality, safety, and wide range of available accessories make Christiania Bikes a solid option for transporting children and running a mobile business in any weather.
Christiania Bikes roll quickly and easily, they give a really nice ride. The bikes have a small turning radius and are surprisingly nimble around town and even up hills. For these reasons, Christiania Bikes are the world’s most popular three-wheeled transport bike – come and try one and you’ll agree!
The most common model is a 7-speed with coaster brake. They are also available as 3-speed and 8-speed as well as electrically-assisted.

Interior has a number, see the links below.
Housing and two different colors of the canopy has a number, as well as the child seat designs and colors.
All the different colors and accessories are usually immediately available store. 
Christiania Bike can be delivered right to your door for 120-160 € for the whole country!
More space is possible with the +30 cargo model.
Sizes: box size – 88 x 62 x 50/36cm, bike length – 207cm, width – 87cm
Capacity: 100kg + rider.
Weight: 35kg.
Frame colors: Black or green Christiania, a small charge may be from the factory several other colors.
Frame: Aluminium / steel, matte black coating
Front box: 9mm waterproof plywood water
Gear: choice of 3, 7, or 8 Shimano Nexus, as well as electrically-assisted model
Brakes: Mechanical disc drag, the parking-brake-equipped hand brakes in front, foot brake in back (8-speed manual brakes) 
           The optional hydraulic front brakes.
Tires: Schwalbe Big Apple 47-507, alulminum rims, steel surfaces are 
                also available as Schwalbe Marathon Plus puncture-proof tires and Schwalbe winter tires with studs
Saddle: Selle Royal gel saddle
Included Accessories: Hefty bell 
Electrically and canopy and a bench with a price of around € 3,150.00 inc. VAT 24%
 + 30cm longer box cowl (steel frame bike) the price of 7-speed 2300.00 € incl. VAT 24% (pictures below)

Optional equipment, the links below:
Hoods can be found in the manufacturer’s page
Children’s seats can be found on the cowl v almistajan page
Everything else you can find a small on this page
Accessories list is a comprehensive mm. 
 Housing color options red, light blue, black, yellow and cream.
 2 kinds of cowl hood, Bugatti and prairie in the colors red, light blue, black and cream.
 1-, 3-, or gear 8
 Children’s bench with pillow
 Children’s seats Expansion Packs
 Additional clapperboard seats
 Carrycot Rain Cover
 The whole bike rain cover
 Carpet on the floor cowl
 Lamp holder side of the cowl
From the factory: Electric motor, opening onto the front door


Christiania Bikes

Christiania Bikes