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P-box is a great bike to be protected from the elements of the goods delivery, product launches, parcels and advertising purposes.
Great cowl cover is designed to facilitate the shipment of the goods, it is a full-page and hinging part of the page opens up with the cover.
The speed of delivery and ease of movement as an option supplied by an electric motor.
Just has to get all the extra colors, it is also easy to paint or taped.
The body is solid steel, housing a maximum transport capacity is 100 kg.
The fully closed and locked to put into the cowl size of 88 x 62 x 59 cm.
Sizes: bike length 207, width 87
Capacity: 100kg + driver
Weight: 40 lbs.
Frame colors: Black
Hull: Steel, matte black coating
Box: 9mm waterproof plywood
Gear: a choice of 1.3, 7, or 8 Shimano Nexus, as well as electrically-assisted model
Brakes: Mechanical disc drag, the parking-brake-equipped hand brakes in front, foot brake in back (8-speed manual brakes)
Tires: Schwalbe Big Balloon 47-607
Saddle: Selle Royal gel saddle
Included Accessories: Hefty bell
Price: 1950,00 €, electric 2950.00 € incl. VAT 24%.
Usually in stock
Optional also a stylish trailer.
Also available in electrically assisted!

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