Christiania Bikes Trailer 50cm Box Height


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Christiania Bike own trailer.
Excellent transport of goods, robust and lockable (Ex-wide)
The trolley of the box size 90 x 50 x 39 cm, of which e.g. tape a field of 88 x 48 x 35 cm.
Drawbar with a cart total length of 180cm. Tyres with the total width of the standard model 70 cm 
Quantity Mass Ex-wide model, sizes 88 x 62 x 35 cm, with the width of the tire is 83 cm.
Weight 17.5 kg, the maximum load of 100 kg.
Is connected to the wheel with a quick lock connector.
The optional hood windows, convenient handle and rain protection, Ex-wide model of a hydraulic lid.
Basic trolley price of about 515,00 € incl. VAT 24%
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Christiania Bikes

Christiania Bikes