EGIDE Apollo Helmet – Kevlar


Pään Koko * 


EGIDE Apollo Kevlar Helmet

Handcrafted avant-garde materials geared towards aesthetics of the future. 

Carbon Fibers.
Scratch-resistant varnish.

Entirely handmade in Italy.
Certified to CE EN 1078.(helmets for pedal cyclists)

Available in three sizes :
S, M and L (54 to 59 cm). 

Weight : 410g

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EGIDE helmet maintenance

Owners Manual 

Under the aegis of the Gods

In Greek mythology, the aegis (l’égide in French) is a magical shield carried by the Gods, in particular by Zeus and Athena.

As well as being an exceptional means of protection designed to ensure the carrier’s safety, the aegis is also a work of art in its own right. Homer describes it as being “precious, inalterable and immortal”.(αἰγίδ᾽ ἐρίτιμον ἀγήρων ἀθανάτην τε).

To a certain extent, the aegis draws its power from the material covering it, the skin of a sacred goat named Amalthea.

Taking inspiration from Athena, the goddess of war, wisdom, arts and crafts, EGIDE identifies itself with these functional and aesthetic origins, based on the value of the material used.