Hanna Hats Tweed Patchwork Cap



Tweed Patchwork Vintage Cap

Ireland Donegal is an ancient tradition of hats stitched patchwork model. This craft tradition continues Hanna Hats of a company which David Hanna founded in 1924, and since then it has served as a traditional family company.

All of our products are handmade  in our factory  in Donegal .  We use  the finest  Donegal  tweed  ( wool) which is woven exclusively for us .

All hattumme and caps are  inherently  moisture  -resistant , and  will keep you  dry  and warm in any  weather . 
Each hat, the hat and the bag is still made ​​by hand, each item is completely unique, and a mixture of different colors to fit in easily with the rest of the dress code.


Hanna Hats

Hanna Hats