Lepper L-85 Hammock Saddle – Natural



Lepper L-85 Hammock saddle has a quite historical and nostalgic character.
Do you still remember the old steel gentlemen’s bicycle with brake rods and an Old School look, and the popular baker’s bikes for transporting children in those days? 
L-85 Hammock is strong and with its very long bracket, it has a high degree of riding comfort. It is supported by an extra inlay in the saddle cover, making the saddle suitable for mid-range distance touring events.

Lepper company was founded in 1897 in Holland  and has been one of the leading bicycle saddles manufacturer and mudguards since that.
Lepper is a world leader in core leather saddles. The brand also aims to provide more comfort than the market standard, with plastic saddles and new innovative production methods.

Besides bicycle saddles, Lepper produces a wide range of steel and plastic mudguards. With investments in modern equipment and a dedicated staff, Lepper has become one of the largest and most flexible producers in Europe.