Pashley Clubman Country – Burgundy

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Colours Burgundy  (as optional factory order)

The Pashley Clubman is the epitome of the club cycling tradition firmly rooted in British culture. In the heyday of this noble pastime, one bicycle would be used for many different purposes, from short distance rides in the city to time trials and touring across the country. Pashley have strived to distill the very best of these traditions into a long-lasting and beautiful modern bike. The use of the legendary Reynolds 531 steel tubing with investment cast lugs was the choice of wheelmen of yesteryear, offering a the perfect balance between weight and performance.

The Clubman Country is the fully equipped version of the Clubman, which has been specfically designed for the multipurpose style of the club era which is becoming more and more relevant in the modern day. With 16 gears you can tackle even the toughest climbs, and the classic centre-pull brakes give you control at high speed in a style that you’re used to. 

With full stainless steel mudguards as standard and a full range of braze-ons for bottle cages, a rear rack and a pump, you can take off for weekend camping trips on long distance tours of foreign lands. The Pashley Clubman Country also features a Brooks Swift leather saddle and beautiful downtube shifters giving you the pinnacle of traditional club cycling excellence that is inimitable in its quality.

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Pashley Cycles on vanhin toimiva polkupyörävalmistaja Englannissa. Yhtiö on perustettu jo vuonna 1926 ja pieni tehdas sijaitsee Stratford-upon-Avonissa. Kaikki polkupyörät valmistetaan täällä edelleen käsin alkuperäisten mallien mukaan, kohta 100 vuoden kokemuksella. Pashley ainutlaatuista historiaa voit katsoa tästä linkistä Katso Pashley omistajien kuvia Instagramissa

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