Schindelhauer Lotte – Black ladies bike

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Lotte – Where classic elegance meets the modern day

An unprecedented combination of classic elegance with modern performance. The Schindelhauser Lotte is a light, modern and fast bike for around town, commuting and cycle touring. The Lotte’s appearance combines the best elements of classic bikes from the 1900s with the streamlined look of contemparary fast bikes. This bike has been developed for cyclists who wish to ride something a little bit different and original. 

The Lotte is uses the 8 speed Shimano Alfine rear hub which is suitable for inner city riding, more hilly areas and relaxing Sunday outings in the countryside. With the 8 wide range gears you will always find a suitable cadence for each situation. 

The Gates Carbon Drive™ CDX Center Track belt drive guarantees an almost maintenance free, quiet and reliable transmission, which is perfect for year round riding. The best thing is that, in the absence of chain oil, the belt drive does not mess up your clothes or pannier bags!

This timeless all-rounder from Schindelhauer used leather ergonomically designed grips and Brooks saddle.

Belt drive – low noise and longer lasting

With the Gates Carbon Drive™ the designers have developed a new highly durable and virtually maintenance free belt drive system. It is up to 20% lighter that a normal chain and lasts approximately four times longer than a steel chain.

The Gates CDX belt is 11mm wide and has been designed and optimised for use specifically by human pedalling. The patented Gates Belt guarantees a high quality transmission system and also eliminates any possibility of slippage between the teeth and belt.

Gears for demanding conditions

Schindelhauer bikes have an excellent range of gearing options from singlespeed models which are popular in flat cities like London as well as internal hub geared models selected from the very best and most reliable manufacturers – Rohloff, Pinion and Shimano.

Wheels and components

In order to ensure that the parts of the bike are of a high enough quality level, Schindelhauer use several of its own specially made components. Designed and manufactured with great care and precision. The range includes stems, handlebars, hubs, and pedals which give the bikes perfect finishing touches, you would expect nothing less from Schindelhauser!

Style and practicality With glamorous accessories

The Schindelhauer accessory range is wide and, of course,  follows the manufacturer’s high quality requirements. Besides the quality and elegance of the parts their functionality is understated and unobtrusive.

High performance frame

Schindelhauer frames are second to none in terms of quality of materials and finishing. The Aerodynamically shaped and rigid tubing will not bend beneath you even during the most intense sprints. This performance will spur you on and increases the experience whether you are on your way to work or exploring your city. All Schindelhauer frames are designed to work seamlessly with the belt drive. 

The frame has three sizes – S – 50cm, M – 53CM, L – 56cm



Schindelhauer on Saksalainen yhtiö joka valmistaa todella nopeita, ajattomia, minimalistisia ja elegantteja pyöriä. Pyörämalleja on useita, alkaen puristisista ja tyylikkäistä yksivaihteisista upeisiin vaihdemaleihin joissa on mm. Rohloff, Pinion ja Shimano Alfine vaihtoehtoina, sekä korkeatasoisiin sähköpyöriin. Schindelhauer on Gates Carbon Drive hihnavedon pioneeri ja asiantuntija, Gates onkin vakiona kaikissa malleissa. Pyörissä on myös paljon muutakin Schindelhauerin omaa tuotantoa kuten navat, polkimet, ohjaustangot ja ohjainkannattimet. Lisävarustevalikoima on laaja, kaikki yhtä tyylikkäitä ja laadukkaita kuten LightSKIN valaisevat satulatolpat, Ergo nahkakädensijat, lokasuojat ja tavaratelineet. "Pyörämme tarjoavat useita erinomaisia ominaisuuksia kuten huoltovapaus, kestävyys ja luotettavuus ". Schindelhauer – laadukkaat, trendikkäät kaupunki- ja työmatkapyörät hieman vaativampaan makuun.

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