Selle SMP Dynamic road and MTB Saddle – Black


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Dynamic in its own way is the cornerstone of Selle SMP4Pro range and also probably its single most sold saddle. Naturally, Dynamic crystallizes everything that Selle SMP saddles have become known for: patented ergonomic design, rigid and high performance design, beautiful craftsmanship you have come to expect and of course Selle SMP’s always recognizable “concorde” design!

Dynamic is positioned on the mid-wide family of the Selle SMP4Pro collection and is equipped with a minimal expanded elastomer® padding. If you are not sure which Selle SMP saddle is best suited for you, testing is good to start with this model. Ideal for riding with padded chamois shorts as well as without!

* Suitable for MTB-road-triathlon
* Light “Foamed Elastomer” padding
* Surface Material: Leather (Black) Microfiber (Colored)
* Saddle frame with carbon fiber reinforced Nylon 12
* Rails AISI 304 stainless steel, diameter 7.1mm (optional carbon fiber rails 7.1 x 9.6mm)
* Dimensions 274 x 138cm
​* Weight 260g (carbon fiber version 210g)


Selle SMP

Selle SMP

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