Selle SMP Forma road and MTB Saddle – Black


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Forma – without padding, but still quite surprisingly nice! You don´t necessarily need chamois shorts with this saddle. SMP4Pro series non-padded saddles are perhaps the best embodiment of the Selle SMP design philosophy. When the saddle is shaped ergonomically and adapts extremely well to every riders body shapes, no cushion is needed. Forma is best suited for riders with medium and/or wide pelvises. An outstanding choice for competitive road racing and MTB also. Also available with carbon fiber rails for all you weight weenies!

* Suitable for road-triathlon-MTB
* No padding
* Surface Material: Leather (Black) Microfiber (Colored)
* Saddle body with carbon fiber reinforced Nylon 12
* Rails AISI 304 stainless steel, diameter 7.1mm (optional unidirectional carbon fiber rails 7.1 x 9.6mm)
* Dimensions 273 x 137cm
​* Weight 225g (carbon fiber version 175g)


Selle SMP

Selle SMP

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