Sena X1 helmet – Gray


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Sena X1 smart helmet

The Sena X1 hybrid helmet is a smart helmet of the future. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which allows the cyclist to receive phone calls, listen to GPS instructions, music and radio with the integrated loudspeakers and a microphone. Helmet technology can also be utilized with the Sena smartphone application, allowing the cyclist to get information about various parameters such as speed, cadence and heart rate. The Sena R1 is also equipped with an integrated Bluetooth Intercom that allows you to combine yourself with three other cyclists maximum of 900 meters away.

Sena’s patented Advanced Noise Control ™ filters wind and white noise so that your co-cyclists can hear you voice loud and clear, in HD quality. The loudspeakers are integrated into the helmet and placed above the ears, so the ears are not covered by traditional headphones. This will enable the cyclist to hear other traffic, which is paramount for road safety.

Modern design and comfort at its best! 

The Sena X1 hybrid helmet is designed to be sleek and well ventilated. There are 9 air intake holes above and on the side of the helmet. The air outflow in turn goes out through the 3 openings on the back of the helmet. Inside, the helmet is lined with a removable and washable cushion that offers high-quality comfort, protection and fit. The chin strap is made of smooth eco-leather that guarantees complete comfort, safety and fit with the Sena ratchet behind the helmet, that allows you to fine-tune the size of the helmet. The helmet controller interface is at the left side of the helmet. The helmet has an integrated USB rechargeable battery that lasts about 16 hours.

The helmet comes with a handy protective bag and a USB cable.

​Sizes: M (55 – 59 cm) and L (59 – 62 cm)
Colors: black, blue, white and gray
weight: 400 g (M size)