Stromer ST3 Sport e-bike – 45km/h

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Stromer ST3 Sport Men´s E-bike – 45km/h – A Very Streamlined S-pedelec

Absolutely Cutting-Edge Swiss Technology

Stromer is all about smart technological solutions made in-house, with the Swiss precision that we all know and have come to appreciate! It´s fair to say not every manufacturer have for example developed their own motor or e-bike user interface. Stromer has recently developed its new SYNO Drive ll engine, enabling the ST3 model to deliver a tremendous 820 W power output and a 44 Nm in torque. You will never ever again have to go to work with your back sweaty. The ST3 engine is powered by a highly efficient yet economical battery that can go as far as 180 kilometres! In addition, the ST3 battery can use the energy generated when braking to charge the battery.

Stromer Omni Application – Digital Efficiency

Stromer has developed an unbelievably smart user interface for their e-bikes. Take full advantage of modern digital bicycle technology by downloading the Stromer´s unique OMNI application to your smartphone. This app keeps you in touch with your bike at any time – from anywhere – and offers you several clever additional features: Theft prevention and remote lock / unlock (no matter where you are), GPS tracking even when the bike is far away, Drive data (kilometres etc.), Servicing information, Engine Configuration Options

Ideal S-pedelec E-bike for commuting and longer excursions

The frame geometry of the Stromer ST3 is designed so, that the rider´s center of gravity is comparatively low. This combined with today’s standard 27.5″ tires give you a very enjoyable ride. The short rear triangle and the wheelbase mean that ST3, if required, is a very agile in tight spaces. ST3 is the ideal combination of speed, stability and smooth handling! In addition to the pleasant and fast riding experience, special attention has been paid to the safety aspect of the ST3. Specifically designed for the high-speed S-pedelec bikes, the Pirelli Cycl-e ST tires have an unmatched grip, even in wet weather. The specially designed LED front light with a headlamp and a Stromer braking system with front pulleys with four piston rods and two behind adds to the safety of the Stromer ST3.


Individual driving position

In addition to the different frame sizes on the Sport and Comfort models, you can also fine-tune the Stromer ST3 driving position with two different stems (Urban and Urban Comfort) as well as three different handlebars. In this way, the driving position can be customized to suit your body to achieve maximum driving comfort.

Smart Extra Features

The visual and practical features of the Stromer ST3 make it perfect for today’s commuter. Clear design, hidden cable routings, locking and unlocking with Bluetooth, “keyless” battery attachment and a rear rack. Other necessities, such as a phone holder or a suspension fork are also available. Now this dream bike is at your fingertips – do not miss it!miseksi.


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