trioBike Boxter

2 280,00 

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trioBike Boxter children transport wheel, a splendid high-quality and lightest 3-wheel model! 
Boxter is designed for two or four for the child and the goods, the maximum capacity of the basket, of 90kg. 
cowl is available at an excellent luminous cover 2 or 4 for the child. 
Boxter is also excellent cargo bike!

Boxter bike with black box 2280.00
​Boxter bike with white box 2550 
Seat for 2 kids, 2 x Y-belt 240.00 
Seat for 4 kids, 4 x Y-belt 460.00 
Hood for 2 children 350.00
Hood for 4 children 390.00 
E model, electrically-assisted with hydraulic brakes 4350.00 (ProMovec Motor)
​E model, electrically-assisted with hydraulic brakes 5150.00 (BionX motor) 
Available in black and white, black is usually in stock

We supply all models trioBike to your door quickly, the price of 40-170 € for the whole country!

trioBike models get the electrically afterwards! Rates 1490 €

luggage rack behind the 80.00 
Baby seat (3 weeks – 11 months) 200.00 
Size bike rain cover 150.00

Hood: 100% colour through acryl fibres. Fire tested, water resistant, colour protection.




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