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All Bromptons is the same carcass geometry, which is 35 years of continuous innovation and development of the result. The development, which began in 1975 by Andrew Ritchie in his bedroom the creation of prototypes.

Today, our goal is to continue to create the perfect combination of the two equal elements are driving a high quality and compact portability .

All Bromptons fold into a small package 10-20 seconds. The components are designed to fold to fit, so that the lights, cables etc. are out of the way and, by folding the chain and gears in the package they are kept apart from clothing and luggage. Brompton’s ride quality is as important as the ability to fold. 
Excellent frame rigidity ensures that Stompers the muscles becomes effective and responsive to rapidly Run, and a full-sized wheelbase ensures stable driving at high speeds. In order to provide a truly unique mobility solution, however, it is made ​​of your needs in mind. B-spoke ™ -räätälöintimahdollisuuden will commit ourselves to the fact that you can select the Brompton you want.

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