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Our reputation is based on the design, planning and manufacturing excellence. That is why we do not build bikes for anyone else, and no one else builds bikes for us. We manufacture our bikes and durable for daily use within the meaning of, and this requires diligence and commitment. We are not content to combine parts produced, but every Brompton produced in the beginning of West London, located in the factory strict quality controls. We manufacture most of its 1,200 to parts, each of which consists of Brompton. Whenever the bike leaves our factory,

we know who the work has been used in different stages of manufacture. The current bicycle industry point of view, our approach is extremely rare, but it is the only way to ensure the handmade quality of our bikes.

Quality is not a short cut, and all who work here – welders, assemblers, office staff and engineers – are primarily committed to quality assurance. We are proud of the way we pay attention to detail and inspire to make durable products that simply work. We all use a Brompton so we know how the bikes should be, and why quality matters.

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