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The most commonly-needed spares will be kept in stock by your Brompton dealer; if the dealer doesn’t have the part you need, it can usually be shipped out the same day from our factory (for the UK and USA) or from your distributor (all other markets).

Specifications for replacement parts:

The chain must have the correct number of links for a given sprocket combination, as set out below. Bear in mind that traditional joining links are usually unsuitable for use on a Brompton because the pin is too long; instead, the joint should be made by pressing in the rivet pin. We recommend SRAM PC1 (1/8″) and PC10 (3/32″) chains.

Non-derailleur configurations (1- & 3-speeds)Size 1/2″ x 1/8″, max. pin length 8.5mm
98 links on a 50T/13T combination, 96 links on 44T/13T and 44T/14T arrangements.

Derailleur configurations (2- & 6-speeds)
Size 1/2″ x 3/32″, max. pin length 7.3mm
102 links on a 54T/16T combination, 100 links on a 50T/15T arrangement and 98 links with a 44T/15T set up.

N.B. The rear sprocket size given is that of the larger, inner sprocket.

Rear sprockets
For geared hubs (to ISO 10230)

Non-derailleur configurations (1- & 3-speeds)1/2″ x 13T x 3mm thick (for lower gearing, use a 14T or 15T sprocket)

Derailleur configurations (2- & 6-speeds)
Special Brompton sprockets, 13/16T on 6-speed bikes and 12/16T on 2-speed bikes

Chainset (sometimes called a crankset)
We recommend the Stronglight set specified for the Brompton. If you use an alternative, make sure that it suits the bottom bracket axle (ISO 6695), that it gives the correct chain line (fig. HK4 in the Owner’s Manual) and that the end of the crank does not clash with any part of the rear frame when the bicycle is parked.

BB (bottom bracket) cartridge ISO 6695
For C-type: Ritmo S x 127mm (5″)
For other models: FAG 119mm (4.7″)

Chain tensioner idler sprocketsNon-derailleur configurations (1- & 3-speeds)
10 tooth x 3/32″ wide at the teeth, x 1/2″ wide at the centre, mounting hole to receive M5 bolt

Derailleur configurations (2- & 6-speeds)
Special flanged Brompton idlers

Brake pads
Fibrax Pads

Size 16″ x 13/8″, ETRTO 37-349
Inner tube with Schrader valve

We recommend the special high-pressure Brompton tyres but if you cannot obtain these choose another reputable make.

Control cables
The cable routing and terminations are critical. For outer cables, the length and ferrule diameter should be identical to that of the cable originally fitted. For the front brake cable, the outer must be in two parts of the correct length, so that the cable gathering ring occupies the right position in the cable system.

We strongly recommend using cables supplied by BROMPTON; if you have to use cables from another source, specify low friction cables (PTFE coated inner cable, lined outer cable) and make sure that lengths are correct to the nearest 2mm.

AXA HR right hand fitting. Other 6v dynamos are also suitable, but you may need to fit a special slotted stay (available from Brompton).

Front lamp bulb
6 volt x 2.4 watt halogen; take care not to touch the glass when fitting.

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