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Sögreni Kädensija nahkaa, ruskea



Laadukas, käsin tehty nahkainen kädensija.

This pair of handles is kind of Danish. The leather is Polish (we couldn’t find any better quality in this otherwise cow- and dairy-obsessed country, strangely enough). The plastic tube, onto which we mount the handle is made from fine Finnish plastic. The glue is Danish, though, (very strong stuff) and of course the final stitching and assembly has a local Danish flavor. The handles are nice to hold, are a little bit warmer for the hands than a piece of plastic and have a classy look to them. When you get these, you may encounter some difficulty mounting them, as the plastic is just tight enough to fit a normal frame. The trick is to use either pressurized air, or to lubricate the inside with a generous amount of pure alcohol, 160 proof or higher. If you are quick, you will be able to press them on, the alcohol will evaporate, and the handle will be securely stuck on forever.

We deliver these in two versions: the classic version with two equally long bars, or the version with one long and one short bar, for the gear-side of the steering bar.

Tip: The black leather handles are really nice for black bicycles. They can also work on pale bicycles, but the saddle should also be black.