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Yepp Mini lasten istuin


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Yepp Mini lasten istuin pyörään

Yepp Mini on pyörän eteen kiinnitettävä lasten istuin, todella korkealaatuinennoin 9 kk – 3-vuotiaalle

Suositus max 15 kg
intgroitu lukko
Saatavana eri väreissä
Lisävarusteina mm. tuulilasi

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The Yepp Mini provides the ultimate in safety and comfort for both you and your child.

The uniquely soft material, which is also used to make Crocs shoes, is not only very comfortable for your child, but it is also shock absorbent and water-resistant, making it easy to clean. Just wipe the seat with a cloth and it is dry and ready to use! No loose cushions that can get lost.

The 5-point harness with soft shoulder pads and child-proof safety buckle keep your child safe and secure in the seat. The height of the footrests can be quickly adjusted without tools and the integrated lock guarantees extra safety and guards against theft.

The Yepp Mini is suitable for children from 9 months of age and able to sit up by themselves. And when your child is 2.5-3 years old or has reached the 15 kg weight limit, he/she can graduate to the Yepp Maxi for continued enjoyment.

To make the ride even more comfortable Yepp has a host of nifty and useful accessories such as a windscreen that offers shelter from pesky flies and a sleeping support that provides optimal head support when your child falls asleep during the ride. You can even personalise your Yepp with your child’s name. See

Yepp Mini is supplied with a stem adapter and can be mounted on steel handlebar stems between 20 to 28 mm in diameter. Separate adapters are available for installation on another bicycle. For bikes with Ahead stem systems, a special Ahead adapter is available

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